Monday, February 28, 2005

Carling Cup Final

Liverpool scored "too early" (Steven Gerrard's words not mine) and then sat back (in the same way Huddersfield Town tend to do when we get an early goal) and so Chelsea dominated the rest of the game and eventually won after extra time. It was quite a decent match with a few talking points, the most notable relating to this blog being the winning goal being given by the linesman after the ball had just crossed the line. Who needs video replays?!

In other news, I had a good night out on Saturday and saw Louise again which was nice. One of her friends recognised me but I think i'll save that story for a later post. I also got recognised as myself in The Colisseum but I don't really know who it was so if was you, I'm sorry (though I really don't think it would be).

I'm working out of the office this week which is a nice change but the travelling is proving quite tiresome (and it's only Monday). My cold is still bugging me and I now have a matching cough as well. Ooh and I'm going out for a meal tonight as a sort of farewell to Rosie as she is off down south like most of the other people I know. Quite sad really :'( I'd best go and get ready as time seems to be getting the better of me.


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