Friday, November 05, 2004

Quiz Winner!

On Tuesday it was the annual BADCASS quiz. I left work at 6:00 (very busy) and arrived to find the venue almost empty. That was all the teams that were there - 4. My work had one team and another firm had three teams. In a very closely fought quiz we came out as winners getting 64 out of 100. 4th place got 59 so it was quite exciting. My prize was 4 bottles of Bud with a pint glass.

Huddersfield lost 6-3 after extra time on Tuesday night so let's not dwell on that much. Interesting to hear about Hornchurch (dubbed the non-league Chelsea) after their financial backing company went bust so they have had to release all their players. Doesn't look like they'll be staying top of the league for long and could get pummelled in the FA Cup 1st round.

Had to work until 6:15 on Wednesday which impressed me even less than Tuesday. Hopefully things will be sorted with my satisfaction soon though.

Off to Scarborough tomorrow for a couple of days so i'll have to have a footballless (ooh a made up word with 3 consecutive letters) weekend.


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