Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Start of 2005

The fireworks in London were very impressive which may have been to try to boost the 2012 London Olympic bid. I was feeling quite odd by now and so didn't drink any more or speak much or even move much. It was bedtime soon enough though and I was fine by the morning.

I then nipped home to change and find out what was happening later and returned to Rosie's house for a walk. Most of the people from the night before went and it was a nice walk along real paths. I think we were on the top of Norland Moor when the sky blackened. On the way back we got very wet. Very very very very very wet. At least my hair was dry thanks to my woolly hat. I don't think it would have been much wetter if we'd have jumped in the canal (though maybe dirtier and colder). I went home after the walk and my hair soaked when I stopped for petrol as it rained even more than before. Cars were stopping on the side of the dual carriageway as they couldn't see where they were going. It was quite dangerous really and would probably have been less so if people had just kept driving but slower.

Huddersfield lost, I dried off and normal service will soon be resumed - back to work on Tuesday, and most people heading south again for uni/work/home. Thanks for the hospitality and good party Rosie.

Happy new year everyone!


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