Thursday, January 06, 2005

Work Happenings

The guy I mentioned in my last post is ok now. One of the cleaners has disappeared. A laptop and a mobile phone have gone missing (2+2=4). Also yesterday a client was on the phone saying she had found a human head in a bin bag in the canal next to her farm. A man has been arrested in the last hour on suspicion of murder.

We also had our contracts amended. I quote, "The internet may not be accessed for personl use." "Personal e-mails may be sent/received". I see, so we can send e-mails to our mates all day but can't even use the internet to look at the latest cricket score at lunchtime. We'll see tomorrow if anyone obeys it.

I'll do a post on the hotly debated subject of video replays in football when I get time. Bet you all can't wait!


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