Saturday, March 05, 2005

CASSH Dinner 2005

Last night was the Huddersfield Chartered Accountants Student Society annual dinner. It was held at Huddersfield University in a compact room but still nice with more than enough space. I felt it was very well organised on the whole however I wasn't really keen on the food (except the chocolate mousse) and the bar was just a table with drinks on but this didn't really make much difference.

Special mention must go to my fellow Bradford committee member who, not for the first time danced to the whole of The Cha Cha Slide. Again the DJ played his extra long version which went on for around 8 minutes until he finally stopped dancing (he was by himself for the duration!) and then informed him that he had been remixing parts of it!

We left about 11:00 to go to Livingstones night club and after a drink in there most of us went to Ethos and Visage. Lots seemed to be drunk and I found myself talking to quite a lot of people, even some who I didn't know. I left before the end though as Australian Grand Prix qualifying was on.

On the whole it was a good night and nice to see David again too.


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