Friday, March 25, 2005

More Car Revelations

I've had my car 21 months now and last week, I worked out how to unlock both the driver side door and the passenger side door without using the key (or magic). A double press of the button on the door with the key in the pocket and hey presto, a passenger can enter the vehicle without me having to unlock the door from the inside.

A car round the corner from my street has a lump in the roof as if someone has been punching the glass in the sunroof but the car does not have a sunroof so has a lump instead.

It's been a Good Friday off work (pun intended) but I did have to wash my mum's car which was a bit of a chore on my day off. I think i'm going out tonight to see a band. I know very little about what's happening but it might be good. I'm sure readers will know in my next post.


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