Saturday, March 12, 2005

Neighbours Game, Bowling

I went bowling with BADCASS on Thursday night and while it was a quite disappointing turnout with only 2 Bradford firms attending, it was still good fun. I beat everyone I used to work with which was a major improvement on my last performance but it wasn't that impressive as I was the only one on our lane to get over 100. Came 5th in the second game as frustration set in but 104 and 73 isn't bad compared with 74 and 73 last time. I also beatthe male champion for the night in the first game which was quite pleasing.

I just went on the BBC Neighbours website to find out more about the big fire. There's a very funny game on it called Harold's Food Frenzy. You have to serve people coming into the coffee shop quickly and if you don't, you lose a life. If you lose all three lives then the coffee shop blows up. It also features real Harold sound effects! This got me thinking of other funny internet games I've liked in the past. Sadly it seems Fling The Cow is no longer operating. The high scores table doesn't work on the other one but it is funny for a while, especially the commentary (though perhaps not recommended if you're listening in a busy office). Just like horse racing, Arse Race lets you bet on the outcome of races by studying the form. Hope you have fun with these.


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