Monday, April 18, 2005

A Tale Of Three Towns

(Well 2 towns and a city to be precise - still better than two cities).

Friday night saw me go out in Huddersfield with work for someone's leaving do. The person who was leaving couldn't go but it seemed like a good excuse for a night out anyway. I was back on my Smirnoff Ice after last week's poor showing but was soon tempted by a free shot of something and a whisky. They were nice but had the effect of making me drunk more quickly than anticipated. I wasn't that bad though and no hangover (well not much of one) on Saturday was a good sign.

On Saturday I went to Sarah's house (in Halifax) with Kate and JJ. We had a nice chat and catch up which also helped with my thoughts in a way. I'm not quite sure what way but i feel a dead end sentence coming on. Then we played Balderdash. Not racing boulders round a board as I had originally thought but a Call My Bluff style word game. This too was fun and J continued his wining streak.

Then yesterday morning I got up bright and early and drove to Sheffield (via Sowerby Bridge). I've only been to Wood's house once and despite almost totaling ignoring my directions, still got there without having to turn round. I've never driven to Sheffield before in my 16 years of going to see the snooker at The Crucible Theatre. It didn't seem too bad. Only went on one wrong road because it looked like the road I wanted but it took me in the right direction so it didn't really matter! I found my way to the Cathedral because there are usually spaces there and it is free on Sunday mornings. More on the snooker in later posts.

Then I had to drop Wood off at the train station. This provided more difficult when signs disappeared and I was on the sliproad to what I now believe to be The Parkway when he shouted "There's a sign, it says straight on." About six miles later and I was back at the roundabout as Wood said, "Shit, there's one in 12 minutes or an hour and a half." I consoled him telling him he could watch the football in a pub. But not necessary thanks to some decent signage we made it to outside the station. Due to station improvements however there was nowhere to drop him which was near the outside of the station. We stopped at some traffic lights and I said "Get out and run!" He did, just finding his way through a barrier and I got a text 10 minutes later saying he had caught it. Then I got caught in Sheffield's infamous one way system but fortuneately it took me where I wanted to go and I got home just in time to miss the end of football.

Manchester United will play Arsenal in the FA Cup final. Two non-exciting one-sided semi-finals. Oh ad Huddersfield's season ended on Saturday with a draw which means we can't get promoted. Two goals ahead of City with three games to go. Come on! Palace drew with Norwich at the bottom of the Premiership in a game they both needed to win so are now sadly both likely to go down.


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