Monday, June 20, 2005

A Philosophical Take On Life At 23

The early 20's - ages 20-22. They've gone now as I'm 23 today. This isn't a bad thing but gives me a little time to reflect and set goals for the future. I quite like my birthday being in the middle of the year as Christmas is another time to reflect and a reflection every six months has to be good.

Hitting 23 is not really a landmark but I feel it is the first of four mid 20's years. Towards the end of these years I would be looking to have a settled job and at least start thinking about finding serious happiness for myself. The late 20's has always been my aim for marriage etc but that's a long way off. I'm not doing anything just because I'm about to turn 30 if it doesn't feel right (remind me of this in six and a half years). The next four years will bring hard work but hopefully it will be worth it. No doubt new local friends will be made to fill the void of the ones living far away who will not be forgotten about.

The last three years have been quite uneventful on a personal note but I do feel I have changed as a person in this time and become more mellowed. This probably means more mature and able to tolerate people more also enabling me to get on well with more people and generally anyone I don't like I'll just try to avoid, which seems to be working.

Whilst appearing not to care in many situations, inside I often care deeply. Maybe this should be an aim to let this out on the outside but fear is always present. Namely fear of rejection and fear of conflict. Perhaps my life would be far smoother if I didn't fear these and perhaps one day when I'm feeling mighty brave I'll overcome the fear.

Professionally I've moved jobs twice in my early 20's but don't regret any of it. I've worked with some great personalities in the past who I am still in touch regularly with. Big thanks to Rob, Louise, Paul, Eppy and David. Moving on in order to make something of myself was something I felt I had to do and hopefully in the end it will pay off.

So while the early 20's were uneventful in many senses they've also been an enjoyable few years. In fact I've probably been happier in the last year than ever before. Is this because I started a blog? I don't think so. Various wisdomic words from a few friends have made me see the bigger picture. There have been sad times but the good times far out-weigh the bad. It also makes me happy to see others happy (well, usually) and with the first of my friend's weddings approaching, this is also something to be happy about. Good luck
Sarah and John.

Anyways that's the reflection and future goals. Now is a time to forget hard past times, remember the good ones and look to the future.

Philosphical part over.

I've had a happy 23rd birthday by the way with triple chocolate ice cream followed by double chocolate gateau the highlight. Various celebrations will come in the next few weeks.


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