Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weird Searches

People have been searching for odd things recently on here. Busker in a Bin is a search done by some so there's a link to the picture of the Cambridge bin.

Scarily someone from Denver was searching for "Toph was killed by" (not in quotation marks) and came across my blog. Apologies to that person who finds that I'm still alive. I hope you're not out to get me.

Large numbers of people have found the blog after searching for "Kaizer Chiefs" (and other variations) which surprised me as i thought that there'd be many more important sites regarding the popular band that would come above mine.

Finally, quite a few people have found the blog by searching for "traffic light dating". This relates to an early post on the blog. However maybe they weren't looking for that. I'll explain more in the next post as it deserves one of it's own and it's best to keep them short.


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