Thursday, March 09, 2006

BADCASS (Bradford) Dinner 2006

Friday 17th February was the BADCASS dinner and a chance to meet up with old colleagues from MGIWB. It was also nice to see they had some new staff who were friendly and I kind of knew (by sight at least) from FT. I had been quiet and subdued at FT for the previous two days but being there was like being a different person. Maybe I just like being in familiar surroundings with familiar people. At least I'll know someone next time I go.

The melon, beef and chocolate thingy were all nice as far as I can recall although the melon was served as a melon rather than sliced which proved tricky to eat. Then came the speeches, and I got a mention as "Members of the society have moved to work in other places such as Huddersfield..." Then came the ever lengthy raffle. I had 9 strips of tickets obtained through purchasing as I came in (1), David's generosity (2), and good selling techniques to which Eppy also fell foul of (6). All the decent prizes disappeared and the final ticket drawn was mine so I was left with bath salts donated by the sponsors, Royal Bank Of Scotland.

Then it was time to mingle and chat where I did quite well. I thanked the "good seller" and then I spoke to someone I recognised from RBOS,
Me - "Are you Nicola?"
Blonde - "Am I who?"
Me - "Nicola"
Blonde - "No"
Me - (Harold Bishop-like) "Ah" and I hastily retreated.

Then came the Cha Cha slide. It's good because it tells you what to do :-) It got late and people left. I decided I didn't really want bath salts so gave them to Gillian and then I left too. Or that was the plan but Jason collared me and we spent another hour and a half or so talking about the future in the lobby. I left at 3:30ish with the final leaver going to his room at 6:30 I have recently discovered! Another good dinner evening.


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