Thursday, December 21, 2006

Biggest Poker Win 2: The Reinvestment

Last Friday, against the advice of many and being willed on by erm one (a non reader as it happens) I reinvested $530 of my win in a big tournament with 125 players. The first was $21,750 which I found too tempting an opportunity to turn down. Anyway technical info follows:-

Blind levels were 30 minute so I just sat back and let other people play unless I had a really good hand. I was about 79th about 40 mins then I had a pair of aces which beat a pair of kings (very harsh n the other guy) and then flopped a full house shortly after and led for about 2 hands before slowly dropping down the order. The Blue Square Pro Micky Wernick then joined my table for a couple of hours but I saw him off and then his son as well. I was in last entering the final table and got up to 7th before trying to double up with ace king suited but was beaten by a pair of queens and then finished off with kings against my ace five.

I won $2100 which was about £870 profit. Not bad for five hours work, but it was hard work. There's even a report here. Fame again!


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