Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Biggest Poker Win

Last night I entered a normal multi tournament with Wood who is back in the game after a while out. He came 47th out of 117 and I came 1st. $27 (£14.23) was the buy in and I got paid $936.02 (£484.31) which is a decent profit. I plan to withdraw some and reinvest (gamble) the rest.

Now for the technical explanation (some people may not be interested):-

Things were running smoothly until just before the prize positions (top 18) when I went all in with QQ and a shorter stack called with KK leaving me struggling to survive getting anything out of it. I held on then folded 66 in the button after an early raiser which I believe was the key hand. Then on the next hand no-one was in so I raised with K9 and doubled up. After that I kept getting nice hands and quite a lot of luck and kept doubling up. It was fantastic going from 2000 to 234000 chips in about an hour!

Anyway, my next post will contain less good news but hopefully a picture.


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