Sunday, December 17, 2006

Leona And Emma Bunton

I stopped in on Saturday night and watched the final of The X Factor. Leona beat Ray with 60% of the votes which is pleasing as she deserved to win by virtue of being the better singer. I even voted and it's the first time i've voted for a winning act. Losers I have voted for are Gareth (he's got his own show next week after getting a hit or two), Darius (taking a brak and writing for his third album (hopefully better than the difficuly second one)), G4 (just released their third album) and sweet little Aimee (now in CLEA who get the odd top 40 hit every year or so). That might have been more for appearance than talent but she was good. People seem content with Girls Aloud I guess. They have all turned into winners in the end though.

Emma Bunton (addresses as well as pictures - not sure they're meant to be there) was eliminated on Strictly Come Dancing last night. She's a big fave of mine so it's sad to see her knocked out. She seems to be going down in public opinion though with her latest single for Children In Need only reaching top 5 (charity singles normally get to number one whoever sings them) and her latest album failing to chart in the top 40. The judges thought she was 2nd best on the night but in the previous two weeks the judges liked her best and the public least. Poor baby. Anyway at least she reached the top 3. Let's hope Mr smug Matt Dawson doesn't win and Mark Ramprakash can make it two in a row for cricket after Darren Gough's victoy last year.


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