Friday, December 22, 2006

Out Lots

I've been busy recently so here's a brief update.

Last Thursday was the HCASS Christmas Social, 25 people attended at Cibo's, food was nice, drink was even better.

Friday was big poker night - see here.

Saturday was The X Factor Final - see here.

Sunday - slept.

Monday was the Christmas quiz where we ended our run of coming last as there were lots of students there and lots of students tend to have a bad track record as we well know. We came about joint 10th out of 13 with 68 out of 128 but it went on for three hours and I was very tired when I got home.

Tuesday was the work party at Bradley's food was ok, drink was excessive and early.

Wednesday was the audit do at Gringo's, food was spicy, drink was good.

Yesterday, Bill came home so Kate, JJ and I went to The Moorings with him to catch up which was fun but we kept things quite early as the rest of the week was still catching up on me.

Last day today so I didn't drive in hence me writing this as i'm early. Drinks this afternoon being the reason.

Time for work now :-(


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