Monday, December 11, 2006

Toph Wallpaper

Ever since I mentioned wallpaper there's been a lot of people found the blog searching for "Toph Wallpaper". Why would they want me on their walls or while they're looking at their computer screen all day long? Well, the truth is, they don't (as far as I know anyway, if anyone does please contact me and I'll get the peole in white coats for you).

The Toph you may be looking for looks likely to be Toph Bei Fong, a 12 year old blind earthbender from Nickelodeon's TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. At this point I lost interest and remembered the good old days of a postman with a act delivering the mail and tales of tank engines and the like. Earthbending - what is that all about? Well, if you care go to Wikipedia and have a look.

Now those who want wallpaper should visit here for a wallpaper of "sexy" (not my words it's in the comments) Toph. You may also be able to download this one. However that's not really to my taste and while searching, I found Britney. She's not a cartoon character, she's not 12, and she's single. Hot.


At Mon Apr 09, 08:18:00 pm 2007, Blogger Unknown said...

Well, interestingly enough, I found this while looking for Toph wallpaper. I'd have to disagree with you that she's not attractive. I mean...maybe she's from a cartoon, but that doesn't make her less sexy. I'm sure anime and cartoon makers make characters look good on purpose because they know 9/10 people watching will find some lust for them. I think it's normal. Besides, looks aren't the only reason people want a wallpaper. Maybe Toph is someone's favorite character. Personally, I'm not really into the show, but after a few days of finding pictures and soaking up background info, she's an interesting person, looks good, and makes a nice wallpaper. Good enough for me. ^_^

At Sat Oct 13, 08:18:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didnt know that people whould think of her THAT way... o.0 ... it kinds of freaks me out...I made a wallpaper of her because shes like my favorite charater and because she SOO KEWL!!!

At Tue Nov 06, 05:45:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor guy. Heh!
But Ms. Beifong is really a very cool character. Of course, I don't think she's hot - I'm a fan girl (even if I were male, she's 12 duh.) - but I'm waiting for her possible romantic relationship with Sokka. Tokka forever! You heard that from a 23 year old. ;-)


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