Sunday, March 11, 2007

Upgraded, Jacko Sacked, Bradford Double

The blog is now upgraded to new Google account thing. It appears I have a Google account even though I don't know what one is so hopefully nothing has changed but if it has I'll try and fix it when I can be bothered.

I can't remember or be bothered looking when I last updated about the quiz so the last two weeks have gone as follows. The first one we got 5th out of 7 with 94 out of 132 without JJ and Caroline but with Google's and Ed's help. Then last week we got 5th out of 8 with 79 out of 141 without Caroline who was "tired".

We had a department trip to HD ONE on Friday for a couple of hours which was nice and I went to see managerless Huddersfield play managerless Bradford on Saturday lunchtime. We got rid of Peter Jackson during the week, not exactly a shock but shock timing, and they're rubbish and sacked they're manager a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't a classic and both teams struggled but we won 2-0 in the end thanks to goals from Paul Hayes and Danny Schofield. They look a team destined for the drop (only one point from safety at the moment) and we are ten points ahead (eight off the play offs) looking destined for mid table obscurity.

I'm a bit confused at the moment over a few things. If I expanded, this post could go on another hour and would make no sense so i'll end it now while the going's good. Hopefully I will be able to see the wood rather than just trees next time I update.


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