Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dogs, Hair, Shaymen Stay Up

Last Friday the CASSH (Chartered Accountants' Student Society of Huddersfield) went to the dogs at Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium. It was a poor turnout from my work but credit should be given to me and Tom for going despite everyone else being an unsociable bunch. A far cry from the good old days. Anyway, everyone who went seemed to have a good time. I lost the first eight races I bet on but luckily won the 9th and last to reduce my losses to just under £30.

After getting my haircut last Saturday before going to snooker, I decided to push the front up though it can't really be seen on the picture in the previous post. i've been trying to post a picture on Facebook but my Bluetooth needs reinstalling to work with Vista which I haven't really had chance to do due to the random crashing of my laptop. I digress. I put it up again for work and got so much attention couldn't really change it back. In answer to the most popular question, i'm not trying to impress any specific person, just trying to become less "boring" and give myself a little bit of style. It wasn't meant to last really but it is doing so I should see how much difference it makes tomorrow when i'm out in Halfax. I'm told I will pull all the girls. A scary thought!!!

I went to see Halifax Town beat Stevenage 2-1 to ensure their Conference status for next season last Saturday. It wasn't a classic - as expected - and they ended up five places outside of the relegation zone so comfortable at the end of the day. The funniest point came five minutes from time when the announcer asked supporters to refrain from running onto the pitch at the end of the match. This prompted a chant of "On the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch, on the pi-itch" for the last five minutes before about a quarter of the 2200 ish fans ran past the about 10 stewards onto the pitch! It was my first time watching Halifax since the play off final last season though I got the impression I hadn't been missing much.

It was just Kate, JJ and I at the quiz this week but we did very well (especially me for once) getting 91 out of 142 coming 6th out of 7. I'm thinking my music credibility maybe slightly recovered with Barry White's The First, The Last, My Everything being the 5th choice. I kmight give it a miss next week. It depends how the snooker is going.


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