Monday, May 07, 2007

World Snooker Radios

I went to see the final session of the semi-final between Stephen Maguire and John Higgins on Saturday with Wood. Maguire was 14-10 up but Higgins came back and won 17-15 however the atmosphere is not how it used to be.

This is due to about 70% of the audience (guesstimate) having World Snooker Radio earpieces on. They are available for £5 and pick up the BBC commentary. However, if people have them turned up below a very low volume level, they can be heard throughout the Crucible arena which makes the auditorium not silent anymore and must be very off putting for the players. Perhaps they should only be sold to people not on the first five rows or some other solution should be reached because this is one technology upgrade I think is a good idea but needs to be implemented better.

The time now is approaching 10:30 and it's 14-12 in the final. There's a lot of snooker left in this one and my estimated finish time is about 1:20 but that all depends on the score. There's going to be a lot of tired people in the morning. Perhaps it would be better to start the final session at 7pm like all other final sessions during the tournament.


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