Sunday, January 02, 2005

The End of 2004

Tuesday saw my first visit to The Acapulco night club in Halifax. I didn't think it was as bad as people have said but it did look like a place which could get a bit drunken on a busier night. It was a Tuesday and it was the only night club open. The website's front page is not anything like what is inside the club and further into the website was this amazing offer "BYE YOU XMAS OR NEW YEARS TICKETS AND THIS WILL ENTITLE YOU TO FREE ENTRY ALL JAN/FEB" I think someone had had toomany of their cheap spirits before writing this!

Wednesday was a quick couple of drinks at the pub with Ed, Rosie, and Ruth who came to Halifax for new year. After the pub we went back to Rosie's and played Cranium. A lot. Went home at four o'clock to continue my run of very late nights.

Thursday was quiet but I couldn't sleep very well. I got up early on Friday to go shopping and bought a new suit. It was the new year party at Rosie's house with lots of people there. It was good and I was drinking punch quite freely (though not all of it being my fault (cheers Bill)). We counted down the new year after holding a 2 minute silence for the tsunami victims in Asia and Africa and then it was no longer 2004.


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