Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ghost World and Mr Motivator

Last night JJ and I went round to Kate's for pizza and after lots and lots of deliberation decided to rent out Ghost World. It was a decent film and I'd probably rate it 7/10 but can't be bothered going inot itapart from I didn't feel any sympathy for Enid at all. Kate also bought a Mr Motivator video as part of a 3 for £3 deal.

On Friday after we'd received shock news earlier in the week about a former colleague, Rob and I went round Halifax which was a good night. I got recognised by someone saying I was from Sowerby Bridge High School but as i didn't go there it was no surprise I didn't recognise him. We also saw a couple of Rob's friends, one of which said I was "sweet". She's married.

Anyway, I'll finish with statements from Derrick Evams himself, "Don't die before you are dead. So get up and live. The price of success is perseverance - MOTIVATE YOURSELF" Maybe we should all take this advice to heart - while it's difficult to take him seriously when looking at him (reminded us of Howard from The Halifax adverts) he does seem to come up with some good points.


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