Wednesday, March 23, 2005


At the pub quiz on Monday night our team (Bill, Sarah, Kate, JJ and I) were described as mediocre which is quite an achievement given our normal performance. We were generally average throughout but maybe slightly better in the theme round (compass directions) and maybe slightly worse in the picture round as usual. It was a nice evening though.

I got a new computer at work on Monday which was always planned but was especially necessary as my old one died on before it's anticipated last day of use :-( Still it won't be missed as this one is over 25 times faster and the TFT monitor is far clearer and larger than the other one and doesn't have a scratch 2 inches long in the middle!

There's more 'interesting' car news to come in the next post for those that don't already know! Bet you can't wait. Lucky readers!


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