Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Two Nights Out

I was in Huddersfield with Rob and Ann on Friday. The night in general made me feel young again and it was ok apart from the swearing, non music playing transvestite DJ at Shout which ended the night prematurely. It's the first time I've been there since it got a new name. I won't be returning.

Saturday was Halifax's turn. I got to town 10 minutes late. I got to the bar in Wetherspoons another 10 minutes later when a nice lady next to me decided I'd been stood there too long so got the barman to serve me next. Kind but a little embarrassing! JJ turned up just 20 minutes late so we had a drink and looked out of the window for a while. Kate turned up one hour late! We lost on quiz machines though I did find Bullseye quite entertaining. Ended up in Maine Street where we saw someone from school who started talking to us. Kate and JJ had no idea who she was but I rarely forget a face and sure enough it turns out that she will never forget when I kissed her in the first year. Half my life ago now.

Still both good nights on the whole.


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