Wednesday, July 06, 2005

We Won A Quiz!

So things to write about. Well, London won the Olympics for 2012. Cool. I'll have to go. Might watch fencing or something easy to get tickets for. Stevie G is staying at Liverpool for another season. Thought he would do but wish I'd had money on it at 10-1 last night. Speaking of money, this gets me onto the real news of the week. We won a quiz.

The quiz was at the Stafford Arms and is easier than the 6 quiz (could it be any more difficult). It might not have all the right answers or the comedy that the 6 has but it has big money prizes. The winning team was !Sarah, Kate, JJ myself and Kate's mum a bit at the end. Oh Bill might have been there too but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it ;-) The quizmaster failed to do a wrong question this week as he realised it was wrong so rather than being out of 90 it was out of 87! 3rd got 68, 2nd got 69 and we got 70. Shocked and amazed we were and our prize, £10 at the bar and pride. We did get lots of vicious looks though from over competitive losers!

Then came the raffle where they pick one number and the team with that number have to pick a team member to answer a question for the prize. This has not been won for around 7 weeks. Our number came up "950". Hmmm who to send? That would be Bill then :-) "Which book is Louisa May Alcott most famous for writing?" Kate and !Sarah knew. JJ and I, "Who?" Bill returned with £125. Nice one! We took £20 each and left hero Bill with the rest. An amazing achievement. Kate summed it up a little exaggeratingly by saying, "Wow, this is the best night of my entire life!"

Maybe we'll retain it next week. Stranger things have happened like the writing off of some third world debt for example!Sarah


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