Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some Serious Catching Up To Be Done

Sorry for the lack of recent action folks, it's been a busy period and i've been spending a bit of time away from the computer. Our time apart has done me good and my most recent elf imposed poker ban is over tomorrow however there's more important things to do like write about the last three weeks so I'm challenging myself to post at least once every day for a while. It's a bit late to start going on about stuff now but the most exciting news is that i'm now 2nd in Dream Team which, in 69 days, if i'm still there, would land me over £50,000. Anyway 69 days to go so i'm not spending anything yet. I mean anything can happen, I have just been knocked out of the MGIWB cup by Glenis. Very embarrasing!

"An Henry goal is a great goal" is my slogan for the rest of the season.


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