Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Week

So, the update promised within a week was not quite within a week but this will do. My laptop hasn't died by the way but neither is Vista installed. I spent an hour on Saturday night trying to do it and it kept messing me around however another attempt will be made tonight.

So last week there was only Ed, JJ and I at the quiz in which we came 5th out of 7 with 91 out of 139 but we were beaten by a team of 14, were only 6 off the prizes and 7 off last so it was quite close. Week 2 music choice: Boyzone - All That I Need.

Tuesday was another pub with Kate and Ed (oooh i've worked out how to link again (random)) which was good. Wednesday night will be covered in a later post. I went out on Friday night with Rob and Ann into Huddersfield and it ended up being a late one with 9 VK/Smirnoff Ices and 2 pints being consumed. My memory is hazy of the latter part of the night but I remember seeing Lisa and her mate Rachel in Livingstones. I'd just said to Rob he could use the chat up line "Are you Rachel?" to any girls in there and see if it worked so it was quite funny when she came over and said "Hi i'm Rachel". You might of had to be there. We're not very good on chat up lines as you can tell.

Kate had a BBQ on Sunday evening. After cooking about 10 little sausages and 2 burgers on it, it didn't want to cook anymore so we used the grill instead and went inside as it was cold and dark. A nice evening though.

Which brings us back to Monday. JJ, Caroline, Kate, her mum and brother Stephen all came to the quiz this week where we came 5th out of 10 with 81 out of 135. The team of 12 beat us again though and we were nowhere near any prizes. Tune 3 is one of my all time favourites: Darius - Colour Blind :-)


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