Thursday, September 22, 2005


Does anyone know what has happened to this planned motor racing series? Devised by Pete Hall and touring car legend Andy Rouse it was postponed to 2005 but nothing has been heard since and the website has disappeared. I'm fearing the worst. Please help if you can as it sounded like a great idea!

My Huddersfield Football Debut

Not a lot to report about it really. I was rubbish and played for about 25 minutes of the hour but luckily we had a semi-pro who plays for Hyde on our team and the others had no subs so we won by about 5 goals in the end I think.

Huddersfield lost to Blackburn but did themselves justice and won plaudits for the pundits who were impressed with how we played and the 3500 or so fans that turned up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Best Finish Ever?

I went to Huddersfield against Brentford on Saturday and the start of the match was really quite dull. Isaiah Rankin (boo - ex City) scored a good goal from the corner of the penalty area and then Pavel Abbott chipped the Brentford keeper from a seemingly impossible position. The linesman hadn't woken up after half time not raising his flag for Brentford's offside 2nd. The referee then lost control of the game and ended up sending two players off. A Brentford player got injured and when he was walking off got hit by a "missile" from the crowd (rumoured to be a plastic bottle top thrown by a 10 year old boy) and went down like he'd been shot! Town then piled on the pressure and were rewarded with a 92nd minute equaliser. Even more incredible Boothy rose to head a long throw into the goal in the 95th minute. 3-2. Joint top of the league. Fantastic!!!

Town play Blackburn in the random drink sponsored cup tomorrow night. Hopefully Blackburn will go the same way as Spurs. I will be playing for the students against the seniors in a Huddersfield accountants 5 a-side thing tomorrow. I've not played for 16 months so this will give me a chance to see how much worse I've got.

Monday, September 12, 2005

England Win The Ashes!!!

After a great summer of cricket, England have won The Ashes beating Australia 2-1 in the 5 match series. Billed as the greatest series of all time by some, it today came to close with a drawn game at The Oval. We haven't won The Ashes since 1987 so this is the first time I can remember it happening as I was only four or five years old last time.

As the coverage finished I had a lump in my throat with it being such a happy occasion and also sad that channel 4's superb coverage has come to an end after seven years. Still, it makes the Sky subscription more worthwhile! Not much else to say except that Andrew Flintof will get Sports Personality Of The Year as this is the best day of english sport of the year. Fantastic!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

One Today

This blog is celebrating it's first birthday today. So it's a year since I took my last exam. While I seem to have written a lot, not a lot seems to have happened in my life that's significant. I moved jobs after not passing the aforementioned exam. That's it. More friends have moved away for good but they are visitable but it's quite sad I'll see them less often. Bill is going soon too :-( One friend got married and another had her last day at work today as she's on maternity leave now. I think these things will become more common as years go on though so I'd best get used to them.

This week has been very busy at work and currently I'm being torn being departments. It's nice to be in demand but less nice because everyone is arguing over me!

We did rubbish at the quiz on Tuesday so I played Bill at pool. Bill was in his college first team he proudly told me. I thought that maybe he could be a challenge and get deserved victory (not me potting the black JJ, Rosie, anyone else i potted the black against) like only one person has in the last year (well done Mr Frank). I broke off. The white flew off the table disrupting the quiz answers! Bill promptly potted six balls while I played rubbish. Suddenly from nowhere i managed a (record) six ball break (only a couple of flukes) and won it on the black. A peeved Bill demanded another game which he went on to win with just one of my balls left on the table. JJ then coughed up another 50p as a peeved Toph demanded a decider. I looked like losing but some luck mixed with inspired genius and some more luck saw me win with one of Bill's balls left on the table. I've not lost my touch it appears!

Also on Tuesday was the BADCASS AGM to which only me and one other guy turned up. Or that's what we thought until the next day when I received an e-mail asking why I wasn't there. We were in the same pub at the same time and didn't see each other. How odd! So BADCASS isn't dead yet, oll on the next meeting!

I had a birthday cake tonight. Just a coincidence!