Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Shock Quiz News

I've not posted for a week or so as nothing's really happened that's been interesting but i'll post about it anyway to keep the regulars happy (well give you something to read at least).

I went to Kate's on Saturday evening and she made me some cheesy pasta thing and then we chatted and plotted until around half two. A guy named Ingram won £1 million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He looked a bit like Ted from The Fast Show but he was pretty clever I guess. The million pound question seemed quite knowable rather than some impossible stuff that gets asked but having said that I didn't have a clue.

Monday night was quiz night (of course). There were only six teams as John is on honeymoon and there were no uni folk playing so surely the chocolates would be ours with only regulars attending. But amazingly we (Kate, her mum, Rob and Alice (from new year 2005/6) and I) managed 102 out of 130 and 4th place and avoided the highest ever lowest score of 91 and came within 6 of a prize and 9 off the win. Maybe we'll team up again next week and challenge for glory.

Kevin's leaving work tomorrow which is sad. He'll be missed by all for many reasons and good luck in your new job. Hopefully a first visit here will occur too!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Film Inspired Post

I don't watch many films as they are long and I get bored but with nothing better to do with my time I have just watched Team America World Police which I have have been meaning to watch for some time now. It was funny but by no means the greatest film ever.

Watching this film did remind me of the best bit of front page news in the Brighouse Echo since I was there! Click on the first link to read the full story but put simply, some pranksters have been going round Brighouse putting fake planning notices up. These are the normal Calderdale ones you see on a yellow board with an A4 sheet in the middle. They worried some people though when the one outside Brighouse Police Station said that the Police Station was to be turned into an Al Qaida training camp! It shouldn't be funny but it just is. Police are treating the notices as a prank. Perhaps this means they see the funny side of it too though I wouldn't recommend my readers turning to such measures in the future.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lowest Ever Quiz Score...

... But not by us! We (Kate, her mum and I) thought we were doing quite badly compared to all the other teams and so it proved with a "thanks for turning up" statement at the end and a probable 10th out of 11 placing and 67 out of 138. But Landlord John couldn't really be rude about our score this week as the "quiz virgins" (whose paper we were marking) managed to get 25 (including the picture round)!

They kept saying how great we were doing and stuff which was funny since we were the worst out of everyone else. The couple's problems started when neither of them had brought their glasses so couldn't really see much. Luckily Kate's mum's glasses seemed to match the lady's prescription very well and she wrote for the rest of the night! 4 out of 50 in the theme and music rounds with more than a little help (including a Phoenix Nights moment (everyone in the pub sings a long until they sing the title) when Daydream Believer was played) helped on the way to their 25!

They then won the raffle too which was a giant Smirnoff bottle that wouldn't fit under the bar! They summed their experience up, as many Big Six "quiz virgins" do by saying "It was good fun, but we're not coming again!"

In other news my computer now works properly at work, though I won't be seeing much of it as i'm out for the next three and a half weeks.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Moving Room

NOTE - posted when completed - If you're looking for a quick read, you might want to read this in about 3 visits as it seems to be a bit long!

Since my last post, Ed came back to Halifax though I didn't get to see much of him with all the studying going on. I did have time for a quick late night quiz session at The Six with him Kate and JJ where I seem to recall we were well above last place but further away from first. More can be read about this here.

I then studied for over a week and didn't really fancy doing anything interesting due to general weariness and focusing on the task in hand which was of course my Business Finance exam on Wednesday. I got 61 and 59 in the mocks (55 being the pass mark) but the real thing didn't go as well as these. Anyway, there's nothing I can do about it now apart from wait for a month or so for the result.

On my way home from the exam the inner door separating carriages on the train fell off which was quite funny. The trains to and from Brighouse are slow, infrequent and old so it wasn't a huge surprise I guess.

I then heard it was BADCASS quiz night so I decided to make an appearance to get my mind off things. Nikki, Edward and I came a respectable 4th out of 9 and that was first out of the teams with no older person in. 61 out of 98 was a decent attempt and beating the other MGI team was satisying. We then stayed out for a few drinks afterwards. Thanks to everyone who was there as it relaxed me before heading back to work the day after.

On my return to work I had a nice empty desk which was excellent. Sadly this was a false dawn as while I had been away, my desk was taken over by a new junior who was away for the week and my new desk was in the room next door. I "tidied" my drawers and caught up on all the work that I still had to do and moved to my new desk in the other room. I can't see it being much different to my old desk, but i'll just have to wait and see.

I've played 4 hours of poker since Friday night, the first since my big win and thanks to William Hill i'm another £100 up. They are giving away £10 for the first 5 hours of play on their tables this month so I brushed up on my limit tactics (fold, fold, fold, fold, be aggressive, fold etc) and things are going well. I have been mighty lucky though in places so i'm not getting carried away.

Football was crap this weekend with 3 Premiership games kicking off at the traditional time of 3pm on Saturday which I don't like but am going to have to get used to. Huddersfield lost to Yeovil and fans protested outside the ground after the game about the lack of money being put into the club. For what it's worth, I agree since most of the money seems to be put into the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team rather than the football team.

Maybe they should give the fans what they want. There were about 7000 fans at today's iants game which I imagine would be one of the highest of the season being a local derby but there were over 9500 fans at the football yesterday against a low profile team who brought about 250 fans. It seems the board are supporting the wrong sport and while Giants are still in Super League, if Town were in the Premier League, they would fill the stadium assuming the tickets were correctly priced of course but I'm not going to give lessons on supply and demand! Anyway i'm still backing Jacko though perhaps all we can achieve this season now is a respectable top half finish.

I was out with Rob and Ann in Huddersfield last night. We met up with Phil and Huddersfield Rugby Union's weekly piss-up which was just like being back at school after Games (without the drinks obviously) with the singing and banter. 4 ex B&Aers and none of us with regrets. I didn't see anyone else I knew which made a change but i'm quite sure other people saw me but i'm not sure who!

Nothing has happened with the house move for about six weeks now but hopefully things will get moving soon but on the other hand we're in no particular rush so just sitting back and waiting for other people to get their finger out. It would be nice to have Sky HD by Christmas though.

That was long, sorry!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back In Black

After my brief encounter with poker profit just before Christmas, I've been around the breakeven mark ever since. Tonight however I claimed 2nd place in a £20 tournament with net winnings of £189.20 giving me a proper profit. Weird time to be playing poker though - late on Friday night and not even 1 Smirnoff Ice!