Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3rd, Work Stuff

I should start by updating what's been going on at work recently (like the last 6 months). I took 2 exams in June, passed one and failed one leading to me doing 2 in December. Just after my exams, I think it was 15th June, I was returning to the office from hospital only to find no-one was being let in as the fish and chip shop underneath the room where i sit had a big fire. We were sent home soon afterwards due to smoke inhalation issues. 3 months on (exactly) and smoke can still be smelled on the 2nd floor although it's not so bad in the room where i am on the 3rd floor now. Finally re work I should congratulate Victoria on passing her final exams recently.

Anyway my main reason for the rare post is that we have just come 3rd in the Big Six quiz. The team is a bit different to that of last year. I was joined by Kate and boyfriend Jon, her housemate Kari and boyfriend Simon, her mum and Rob (not seeing each other!). Ok so there were 7 of us and the team that normally wins were without their most influential member as he was setting the quiz so we beat them with 106 out of 136. 1st got 119, 2nd 113, 4th 103 and 5th 101. The last of the other 6 teams got 79. This is our first top 3 finish since New Years' Day 2007 hence it being such a big occasion! No cheating either (assuming having 7 in the team is not cheating)!