Thursday, December 31, 2009

That Was 2009

So the blog got all samey and less interesting and other forms of networking took over, but the old dog isn't dead yet!

Feb 2nd - It snowed and we were sent home from work just like Feb 2nd 2003 - Fact.

Feb - BADCASS Dinner was good but a 30% decrease in numbers and only 4 on top table was a bit cosy but still worked well.

Feb - Passed 2 exams.

Mar - CASSH Dinner ran smoothly as normal. Beginning to think people use Blackberry's to cheat on my quiz though. Looking for new ideas in 2010.

Apr - Went to snooker for 20th year running.

May - Went to snooker final to celebrate April's feat. 1st session - Quite dull 4-4. I seem to remember it being rather one sided after that.

June - Turned 27. Woop.

June - Went to Barcelona. Was great. Might get round to putting pics on Facebook in 2010!

July - British cycling started showing how good they are going to be in Tour de France. Not much else in January.

August - Passed 2 exams

September - Best day of the year - Wood's wedding with Sarah. Didn't really know anyone but everyone was really nice and turned out to e a fantastic day. Should probably note we still haven't come in the top 3 in the quiz all year.

October - Hallowe'en party. Bobbed for Jaffa Cakes, ate grapes from a pile of flour. Fun.

November - Avoided bonfire night - weather was crap as was work.

December - Took (hopefully) final 2 exams. Cheryl became qualified - well done. Had 4 xmas parties which were good. Off to New Year party now at Amanda's.

Hopefully there'll be more to write about next year.