Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trams, Leavers

I went to Manchester last week on a Sage course. On the way back from the course (held in the impressive Salford Quays area, near Old Trafford) we decided to get a tram back to the railway station as they were every six minutes. We bought our tickets and the platform was quite full.

"Although most of our routes are running full services, please be warned that passengers may have to wait up to 24 minutes for a service" (or something like that).

After 18 minutes a tram came. Woohoo! My joy was shortlived when it was packed to the doors with people standing so not many people could fit on. After hearing the message another twice and another 15 minutes going by, another tram came and although having to stand we made it on. I won't be using that form of transport again for a while.

Stephen, Jon, Gina, and Matt are leaving/have left work so about 35 people were out on Friday going to places I never knew existed in Huddersfield. Anyway, I just kept drinking which was not good though I did manage 11 SI's in a record time. I seem to be getting more drunk a lot recently. Ah well, roll on Friday - a celebration for Ann passing all her exams. Well done!

Mill Royd Street

Now, 3 other small points. Firstly the proposed closure of Mill Royd Street in Brighouse. It's currently one of the most used streets especially for people from Rastrick wanting to get to the motorway but developers plan to build a shopping centre on it and a new road around it. The road at the moment is very busy and new traffic lights have been put up to help, which they have (to my surprise) so shutting it seems like a daft idea as it would mean only one road from Rastrick to Brighouse and onto the motorway and that would include going via Tesco roundabout (nightmare).

While a new road would be nice, more shops out of the town centre can only be a bad thing for the current established businesses and although bringing jobs to the area, this may drive out others. The traffic system simply would not be able to cope. A group called "The Friends Of Mill Royd Street" has been set up to try and save the street which seems a little over the top but amazingly had about 150 people at a meeting the other week. Anyone wishing to learn more about the situation or comment and give their views are welcome to leave a comment.

Freak Weather

Today was a lovely hot day - a little too hot for a work day really. This was until it went dark and became windy at 4:45. "Looks like there might be a storm on my drive home" I thought to myself. Then it rained for 10-15 minutes with rain harder than ever. You know when you can't see into the distance because of the rain? Well it was like that but you could barely see 100 metres. So when it eased of a little, I set off home from the client's premises. On my way down the road i saw water trying to burst out of all the outlets and manhole covers in the road then I got to the bottom of the hill where there was a big puddle. So I turned round and went back to the client to tell them not to go down as it was flooded.

I was then told that the hill was impassable going up as there was a big hole there. Hmmm, so I'm stranded then. A guy in a van was just leaving so he suggested I followed him through and I agreed. Then I thought "why did I do that - he has no idea how deep it is!" But it was either that or stay there for hours so I took the risk. I was not filled with confidence when, just in front of the van, a Toyota Carina (taxi) decided it was too deep for him. The van then overtook him through the middle of the flood. I seized my opportunity to follow and made it out of the other side. The car was ok afterwards (not perfect, but ok) and, after picking the rest of the family up who had also been held up finally got home at 6:35. 7 miles in 100 minutes!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sarah married John nearly a couple of weeks ago. What a lovely happy day it was.

The service took place at All Saints Church in Halifax. It was nice to go to church again, especially for such a happy occasion. Photos were then taken inside the church as it was raining. We then went on to the afternoon reception at Southwood masonic lodge where we waited ages to be fed. It was worth the wait though as the food was superb and not small in portions either.

After more photos in the garden, we went to Old Crossleyans clubhouse where a Ceilidh (irish dancing) took place. I danced a bit when I found a girl who'd have me though to be fair I was only turned down by one girl (the same one as Ed (who has written a far more comprehensive review) as it happens) so I had a good time.

I did find myself getting quite tipsy after a good 8 hours of drinking (didn't touch one Smirnoff Ice) and this was confirmed when I repeated things which Ed has said but louder and receiving funny looks. I should probably also apologise to the guy who I told looked like Keith from The Office! I also noticed myself talking to people in the same accent that they talked to me (Canadian, Irish etc) but I'm quite sure I do this anyway. I wasn't too badly behaved and don't recall offending anyone too much :-)

All in all a great day and hopefully Sarah and John will have a long and happy life together.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Business Management - Take 3

Today was the start of my studying again. Business Management for the 3rd time. I feel I may be drinking in the last chance saloon with this one so hopefully it will go well. Exam in December so I'll be busy studying until then. This means blog posts may be few and far between for the next four months (after the one about Sarah's wedding) or so or I may need it to let out my frustration.

Anyway my first day at college was encouraging. I knew more than everyone else (not surprising as it's my third attempt). Let's hope it stays that way. My tutor has an Ashley Giles King Of Spain replica mug as he's from Birmingham and "The King Of Spain" plays for Warwickshire. He said some of the originals had been sold on eBay for around £200!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Great Week And Premiership Starts Too

Last week which was ages ago now Kate, JJ, Sarah and I went bowling for Kate's birthday. I got 88 and 94 and didn't excel. We then went for drinks in Sowerby Bridge afterwards and was a pleasant evening.

Anyway that was last week. This week in brief is as follows:

Monday - Won over $275.20 (£157.51) in a poker tournament - my biggest win yet. Now well on the way to being even.
Tuesday - Went to see Huddersfield Town play Bristol City. We were all over them and claimed an 89th minute winner. 1-0. "Who needs Mourinho, when we've got Jacko!"
Wednesday - Started studying.
Thursday - Went out for drinks for Sarah's birthday.
Friday - Watched Big Brother 6 live final which Anthiny won. Never heard a contestant be booed as much as Makosi was during the interview though.
Today - It's Sarah's wedding this afternoon so I got a quick haircut this morning and will have to get ready soon. The weather is changeable. Should be a great event though.

Today is also the start of the new Premiership season which Chelsea will win, Arsenal 2nd, Man Utd 3rd, Liverpool 4th, Middlesborough 5th, Sunderland 20th, Wigan 19th, maybe Fulham 18th. That's what I think anyway but I do like West Ham so maybe I'm biased. Not sure if two West Ham defenders in the Dream Team was such a good idea. Hopefully my £35 investment into three different leagues will pay off come May.

Friday, August 05, 2005

New Season Begins

The new football league season begins tomorrow so here's a few of my predictions:

Norwich and Crystal Palace will go straight back to the Premiership
Crewe will get relegated
Bristol City and Nottingham Forest will get promoted to the Championship (pushed hard by Huddersfield who will hopefully follow them via the play-offs at Wembley)
Port Vale will get relegated
Northampton and Wycombe will get promoted
Rushden and Diamonds will get relegated
Rangers or Celtic will win the Scottish Premiership (that ensures I'll get one right at least!)

I'll do Premiership predictions later in the week.

I went to see a Huddersfield reserve side play against Bradford Park Avenue in a pre season friendly on Monday night. The match was being sponsored by my old work so David and Eppy were there and it was nice to see them again. Town won 3-2 and collected a trophy which was the size of the Champions League trophy - the White Rose Cup. Due to the sponsorship we were allowed in the VIP area at half time (a portacabin). We had tea and sandwiches with the Town coaching staff and chief executive and John Helm (commentator and BPA president) which was nice. It was too scary tospeak to them though!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Visit To Robin Hood's Bay

I was in Robin Hood's Bay at JJ's cottage from Friday to Monday which was a nice break from everyday life. Ed and Rosie joined us and then Kate also joined us for Friday night only. We stayed in the village for Friday and it rained lots and lots on Saturday so didn't do much then either other than get wet. There was a mini "Rosie Walk" when she suggested cutting through the car park which led only to a fence and someone's house but this cost us only a few minutes unlike other occasions.

We went to Whitby on Sunday including up the Abbey and up the lighthouse on the pier. then we went on a walk to Boggle Hole and back which was nice. We lost in a quiz and then it was Monday and home time:-( Lots of alcohol was consumed which made the weekend all the more fun, even the Saturday night stagger was quite enjoyable. "Step Alert!"

Ed brought a box of fruit with him. A big wide rectangular box it was. JJ carried it down and received the most strange looks I have ever seen. It was like the villagers had never seen fruit before. Maybe they'd never seen a box! Suggestions were made that the headline on the next month of the local paper type newsletter thing (Bayfair) should be "Fruit Enters Bay!" Well it was funny at the time.

Here are Ed's pictures of the weekend.