Thursday, November 29, 2007

House Complete

Today I have taken delivery of a new sofa for my dining room. It's something we've been meaning to get around to for ages but never got round to it. We went to DFS the other weekend thoughand bought a little red sofa which is nice and bright for the dining room. It's only taken just over a year, but now the house is complete of furniture and needs nothing else doing to it which is great!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Last weekend was somewhat cocked up by me having a mock exam on Saturday morning meaning no going out on Friday and no lie in on Saturday, making me tired. It seemed to go ok but haven't got the results yet. I then went to watch Hudderfield Town play Leyton Orient. We lost 1-0 but played very well on the whole. On Sunday the whole family went out for lunch at The Holiday Inn, Clifton for my grandmas birthday. The food was good and there was also an entertainer there doing card tricks and making things out of balloons. I got a flower, although it could also be a sword!

On Monday I worked my ass off all day and went to the quiz in the evening. We had a big team this week. I arrived first followed by Kate, JJ and Caroline. Soon after Rosie and Raff had come straight from Letchworth to join us and Rosie's dad came and brought Lottie and Peggy (dogs) with him. The team next to us gave up halfway through the second round so we enlisted their help for the music round. Despite all the help we still came 8th out of the 10 finishers with 89 out of 140.

Yesterday was a tough day at college doing exam questions non stop all day. I got 77 out of 125 which is pretty good I guess. I now have eight days off work to revise (a mixture of holiday, toilo, and study leave) and relax leaving work stress at work.

Today hasn't been hugely productive. I went to the doctors to sort my eyes out this morning. I think appointments start at 9:00 and mine was 9:40 but I didn't get in until 10:18. There was an annoying screaming kid in the waiting room called Kayden. Strange name I thought. It seems it's the rest of my face that's causing my eye problems so he gave me lots of stuff to try and sort it. Maybe it'll turn my really ugly mug back to just ugly in time for Christmas!

Then, I went to Tesco to stock up on things i'm running short on. There was an annoying kid near the soaps called Hermione. I guess the mother (or father) must be a Harry Potter fan. Another strange name I thought. Someone in front of me at the checkout managed seven bags of shopping in a basket which was impressive. I was impressed with my £4.38 saving on £11.25 of shopping.

Then I got my hair cut. It's shorter now. It looked rubbish long, as a few people have told me in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for that! I then bought some cards (Christmas and birthday) from the grumpy man and grumpy woman card shop although I did see the woman smile today which I haven't seen erm... ever in the five or so years i've been going there.

I've been watching tv and sort of started tidying up this afternoon. There's a lot of tidying up to do. Maybe i'll do that after Christmas except for the stuff that needs doing tomorrow. Then I figured I should do something useful so started writing this which isn't getting anything done at all. I'm going to post again tomorrow I think as tomorrow is a special day...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not Totally Tee Total

I should write about the last three weekends.

Bonfire weekend to start with and Lucy came over from Ireland. We went out in Rastrck with JJ and Caroline. I drove to make it easier and because i'd been drunk every weekend but one since July which is just crazy.

The weekend after was a double party weekend. I once again drove for both the above reasons. Firstly was a band reunion at Brighouse Sports Club for old members of Clifton & Lightcliffe Brass Band. I didn't know many people but it was good to see Jane, John and Michael again. So at about 9:15 I set off for Skelmanthorpe Cricket Club which I reached about 25 minutes later for Richard and Cassie's engagement party. This was also good and well attended.

Last weekend I went out with Rob in Halifax ending up in Jaks on Friday and did exactly the same on Saturday with Kate. This time though I was drinking both nights. I've not done a double weekender for a while but it seemed to go ok. Should be good practice for the madness that promises to be the week before Christmas.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Back To Normal

No more records and i'm getting about 8 hits a day again!

Kate, JJ and I were joined by Kate's mum and husband at the quiz this week after a small break. We haven't changed though. 6th out of 8, 78 out of 141. C'est la vie. I understand help is on it's way from the south in a couple of weeks though so maybe we'll improve then.

I've been on a bit of a downer recently and seem to have been trying to bring others down with me in order to make me feel better. I'm now realising this is wrong and have set about in mending my ways. Hopefully all will be smoothed over soon but until then i will be continuing to rebuild bridges and learn lessons.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Broken Records

I majorly underestimated helping ten people out with bonfire news as well over fifty people found Toph's Blog just by searching for information. Glad to be of service, but no thank you comments :-(

Anyway numbers time:- The previously highest day was 28 visitors (twice Jan 06 and Dec 06 I think). This was beaten on Friday (2nd Nov) with 33 visitors and Saturday (when most bonfires took place) with 34 visitors. The previous most visits in a week was 120 and is now 133. The monthly record will be touch and go but I'll update on that at the end of the month.

I'm now watching all fireworks within a 145 degree, approximate 5 mile radius of my bedroom window which is quite a lot of fireworks. While I watch i've been thinking and came up with this thought to link to the title. People are often like broken records, going on about the same things they're unhappy with. If you're unhappy with something, then do something about it. This often involves asking my advice, but if it's never taken then maybe it's time I changed my tune and put another record on. I'll still be happy to talk and listen of course :-)

Wow that actually makes no sense!!!