Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Traffic Light Dating?

I've not become that desperate yet but it appears a couple of girls on my way home have. I found this quite funny that they should try and chat me up whilst waiting at traffic lights. Nothing came of it as the lights turned green so i sped off. Just another method of dating that doesn't work I guess!

Not much else to say really so I'll keep this one short and won't ramble.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Freshers Weekend 2004

Friday was a sad day at work as the audit manager left. We went to a pub for drinks afterwards but I only stayed a short while to prepare for the rest of the night. I did beat Paul at pool though which felt good extending my unbeaten run to 7 spanning a year.

Then it was off to the university. It was a bad start when Eppy fluked a win at pool ending the aforementioned unbeaten run. Gutted! My unbeaten run is now 1. The rest of the night went quite well. I didn't get really drunk, We got into the uni bar after worries we may need to show student ID. Javine was quite poor just shouting background lyrics down the microphone as her songs played.

There was a fire alarm just after i'd got served for drinks. I feel sorry for the people at the front of the queue at the bar as it took me nearly half an hour to get served as the tills kept breaking. The most annoying things were that whenever I seemed to approach women, they smiled at me and ran. I'm used to that though!

I got in at 3:15 after a weird chat with the most polite taxi driver I've ever spoken to. He was telling me all about his gambling debts he had because he was trying to pay off some other debts. I strongly advised him against gambling on roulette as it is just down to luck and he should invest his money more wisely. Once a (trainee) accountant always an accountant i guess!

Last night was also good fun in Huddersfield as plenty students were out. Again I didn't get really drunk. My mate was tired though so it was only 12:15 when I got in. I did see someone who I haven't seen for nearly 2 years. It's amazing how some people change their appearance so much as I didn't even recognise her!

I've watched about 6 hours of motor racing coverage today. It's all been great especially the touring cars and the new chinese track in formula one looks like it could provide interesting races in the future. It's just a shame the program starts at 6am as i'm now very tired.

I feel tonight might be an early night as i'm tired due to the above.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

A New Experience

Last night I went to my first ever game at The Horsfall Stadium where (2nd bottom) Bradford Park Avenue were playing (bottom) Vauxhall Motors. They are in the Northern Premier League which to anyone who doesn't know much about fooball sounds quite good. It is however not good being the 6th tier on the league ladder ie 5 divisions below Man Utd, Spurs, Birmingham City, Crystal Palace etc.

It was easy to tell it was two struggling teams. The football was dire and I'm quite safe in saying it was the worst match i've ever seen. No wonder only 225 people turned up as the weather was wet and windy and it costs £9 to get in to see such a shambles. I'll probably go again sometime but hope to see some decent matches first!

Work has been very stop start recently. Nothing to do for an hour or so and then a huge rush to get things finished before the end of the day has been the pattern for the last two days. It's also quite sad at the moment because the audit manager is leaving tomorrow and she has been like a mentor to me since I started so I wish her well. It also reduces the number of female accounts and audit staff under the age of 30 to one, with there being five male staff under 25 which has raised concerns to some people!

We're going to the pub after work tomorrow for the manager's leaving drinks and then Eppy and I are going to Bradford University Freshers Pub Crawl 2004 and have VIP tickets to see Javine play live in concert. Woo! She's the one that lost on Popstars: The Rivals. No doubt a write up will appear.

I also watched a DVD on Tuesday - The Bourne Identity which was quite good but a bit of a rubbish ending. I preferred the alternate ending. I would not class this as a scary film but the person I was watching it with seemed to think it was :-)

Anyway, enough said for now. Maybe I should post more regularly in smaller chunks - people might read it all then!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pub, Football and Other Stuff

Paul and I went to the pub yesterday lunchtime as he did not want to lose his title of hearts champion he flukily won back earlier in the week. The normal pub was full so we didn't stay there and went to a pub further up the road. This was a nice pub which was less smoky and the food was much nicer if a little pricy. We'll probably go there more often now.

I went to the Galpharm Stadium, Huddersfield today to watch Huddersfield play Barnsley with my brother. We both saw old school friends before the match started which was nice. The first half was dominated by Barnsley who deserved their two goal lead including a comedy own goal, which even most town fans were smiling at between the boos. A defender heading back to the keeper - except the keeper was stood next to him! The second half was the complete opposite of the first but sadly no goals were scored and it will go down as a bad performance even though we, might have got something out of the game. I feel i'll be heavily mocked at work on Monday as Bradford City won 4-1 and my fantasy team is continuing to perform well below par.

There was a funny typo in the programme in the injuries update section. One of the players is well on the way to recovery and it states "He will hopefully begin jogging next week with a view to returning to straining in 2-3 weeks" Oh dear, looks like he could be out for a while!

In other news, my brother has had two job interviews this week and not been successful in either but has heard that his lower gullet operation should now be in October and not in January. My dad is going into hospital on Tuesday to have his operation done and will be there for about 5 days :-( and mum is a complete nervous wreck worrying about everything that's going on. I'm just about staying sane and have some accountancy questions to do for a meeting on Monday morning with the training partner so on that note I'll end the post and continue with those.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Snooker Night

Last night I went to Halifax Snooker Club with an old school friend. I've not played snooker since 2002 as that was when my last membership card expired and we sold our table at home not long after that. However I seemed to have lost none of my skill almost beating my highest ever break of 16 but I had to settle for 12. Fortunately my mate was as crap as me at break building and we shared the frames 2 each. Maybe we should play pool next time as less balls need to be potted and I am unbeaten in my last 4 games stretching over a year!

The sport I was best at (by best I mean least bad at) when I went to school was Fives or Eton Fives to give it it's full name. It's a bit like squash but with no rackets. Sadly it is not a well known sport and it seems most local courts have recently been demolished (including the one at school I think) to make way for new music or technology blocks. It will no doubt continue at public schools such as Eton and Harrow for evermore. This topic arose due to an article in the local paper (Brighouse Echo) giving the history of the sport which now seems to be dwindling out of Yorkshire and only available at top Public Schools.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for one night!

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hearts Champion And Cinema Trip

Paul was back in work today so as is now the norm we played Hearts at lunchtime andtoday I won which gave me the bragging rights for the afternoon and generally puts me in a good mood. Also making me pleased was the disappearance of some of the roadworks on my way to work however it still took me just as long to get there!

Tonight I went to the cinema with Bill, Rosie, Sarah
and Kate to see Wicker Park - a psychological, comedy, romantic, drama sort of film. I'm not sure quite sure what to think of it yet but I think it was good because it was followable but quite predictable and too long which made it less good.

Anyhow, off to watch neighbours before I get to bed!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Good Football Day

Last night was good fun and nice to see people again.

Today I've not done much apart from watch sport on Sky Sports. I do like watching Portsmouth at Fratton Park as the crowd make the atmosphere electric. Crystal Palace's comedy goalkeeper had a hand (literally) in one of the goals and then a superb back flick sealed the game for the home side. One of the best own goals ever! I would quite like both teams to stay up though with most of the season to go there is still plenty more work to be done.

In other games, unbeaten Arsenal kept up their amazing run, Manchester Utd defended comically in drawing with Bolton thamks to a similarly comical error at the other end. The team i support, Huddersfield Town won 3-0, big local rivals Bradford City lost and my 2nd team Halifax Town won 4-0 so overall an excellent set of results.

Henman lost in the tennis but then it was a semi final and he never really stood a chance though would probably have bottled it anyway!

Considering making this a regular feature but this might not be such a good idea as i feel most readers will have stopped reading by now anyway! Any thoughts please?

Friday, September 10, 2004

Destressing Techniques

Went to the pub for the second day running at lunchtime today. All the accounts department went today rather than just Eppy and I yesterday. It's good to discuss problems and it helps knowing others have them too. I also used the suggestion box for the first time today are certain procedures were really annoying me. Other destressing techniques discussed and rejected were going on a health farm weekend and getting very drunk. Rejected as the health farm seemed a little too feminine and the drunkeness is only one night and not a long term cure.

Off to Sarah's tonight for games so should be fun.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


After the school holidays, would be ideal time for roadworks to finish, however not only are the major ones on the main road still going on, but new ones have developed further along on my way to Bradford. This makes getting to and from work a joke. 12 miles in over an hour every day and it took over half an hour to cover 2 miles this morning.

Anyway i'm sure they'll be over soon and it'll be back to my tedious 50 minute journey.

Woo my first rant!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

First Post

Well, this is the first post on my Blog. I always said i'd start one after my exam and within 4 hours of it finishing, here it is. Don't know how the exam went by the way i'll let you know when I find out in the middle of October.

Anyway, not sure if this'll be the only post but i'm sure i'll find something to moan about - it's just working out how to do it but if nameless others can, i'm sure i can!