Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Elland Bonfire 2007

To please about 10 readers over the next few days, this years Elland bonfire at Hullenedge Park will be lit at 6:15 with children's fireworks at 6pm and main fireworks at 7pm. I'm not sure what the difference is. Maybe the main ones spell rude words or something!

Other ones in the local area include one at Calder Holmes Park - lit at 6:30, children's fireworks at 7pm and main fireworks at 8pm.


There's also one at Crosland Moor in Huddersfield - Lit 6:30, Fireworks 7:15, Fairground opens 5:30

They all take place on Saturday 3rd November 2007.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rubbish Sport, Lazy Day

Last week England and Scotland lost at football making qualification for Eurp 2008 very difficult. The rest of the home nations are already out. England lost the Rugby World Cup final. Sad but expected I suppose. Lewis Hamilton lost a 17 point lead with 2 races to go and handed Kimi Raikkonen the Formula One title. Not a good time to be a British sports fan.

I went out with Rob last night and had 2 pints and 5 SI's (for people who don't know me this is about normal). However I couldn't sleep very well, have a very hazy memory of the night, and was suffering with sickness and diahorrea all morning, not getting up until 1:45. Maybe something got spiked or maybe I was just being a lightweight. Phil then bought Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 so that has been played a bit. I'm still tired and looking forward to an extra hour in bed tonight as the clocks go back. Tomorrow I must study which i'm finding hard to get my mind on at the moment and for an unknown reason lacking motivation or something. I'm sure it will pick up in the next week or so as the exam draws ever nearer.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nearly Winners, Nearly Losers, Patrick Off To Oz

Last week's quiz went really well until the final round. Kate, her mum, JJ, Caroline and I were joint 1st going into the final round. Alas, we came 6th out of 9 with 83 out of 137 after getting just 4/20 in the picture round. The poor form continued this week without Steph and Caroline as we were last going into the final round. We ended up 10th out of 11 with 68 out of 133. We were only 10th after winning the tie break so we won a big bag of mini Dime Bars despite not finishing last. The tie break question was "How many England caps did Paul Gascoigne get?" JJ and Kate were no help so I went for 58. The other team went for 65. The correct answer being 57. I asked Phil (my brother) when I got home and he said "I dunno erm 58?" Spooky or what?!

Former work colleague Patrick celebrated his last night in Huddersfield on Friday before moving on to warmer pastures in Australia. It was good to see loads of old faces again like Patrick, Andy, Tom, Kevin (and wife), and Dave and was a good mix of old and new. It was just like the good old days again which I still miss but times change, people come and go and that's life I guess. All the best to Patrick and Anne-Marie on their new start from December.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Letchworth 2007

So i've been busy recently. I went to see The Hoosiers on the 12th but never actually got inside due to Eppy and a ticket mix-up. Instead I got to meet his mate Tom again and we went to a couple of real ale pubs before getting home for the early start on Saturday.

I was of course kidding myself that we'd be setting off from Sowerby Bridge at 7:30 but 8:15 wasn't bad. The journey down was quiet and we arrived about 11:15. We then had a donut and went to London, catching the train almost to the second. I've not been to London since the big win and we went in the same way, past Highbury which now just looks like four blocks of flats and the ever impressive Emirates Stadium which says Emirates on more than it does Arsenal!

The eight of us then went to a pasty shop with a pub above it for lunch. I think this was in Covent Garden but we kept losing people so i'm not sure as we kept changing direction. Not a classic Rosie walk though - no mountains! We then went to The Tate Modern Gallery to see a crack or shibboleth or something. There'll be some pictures on my Facebook profile when my Bluetooth works. It was interesting and nice to do a touristy thing whilst in the capital. Later we went for a drink by the river and then a chinese... erm... somewhere (after getting a bit lost again (Kate's fault this time). We then returned to Letchworth for gin.

Sunday morning didn't really happen for me. We had a nice lunch at The Anchor in Hitchin although Raff was working and Lu had gone back to Ireland so there was less of us. We then played pool. Boys vs girls was a bit unfair really so after the two Johns and I had beaten Sarah, Kate and Rosie twice we went for north vs other (i say other as i can't really call Nottingham south). I couldn't make up for having Kate and JJ on my side. It was quite close until Kate potted the black. I then beat Mr Frank for our final game. We then went home and it was another quiet journey up. Thanks to John for teaching me how to use my speed limiter and cruise control as I was playing with it all the way back!

Also thanks to Rosie for having us and Raff for putting up with us for the weekend. It was fun and great to see most people again.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Busy Weekend Ahead

Kate and I did well at the quiz on Monday. Caroline left after the first round and JJ after the second, failing to text us about a picture from the picture round! We got 9th out 11th with 77 out of 146.

I'm seeing The Hoosiers tomorrow in Huddersfield somewhere with Eppy but we're both having work issues so it'll be good to let our hair down. We'll then get up early on Saturday morning and I'll head for Letchworth to visit Rosie which i'm looking forward to.

I'm really busy tonight so I shouldn't be writing this!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sleepy, Fatboy

Monday's quiz was average. I seem to remember it being Kate, her mum and I getting 80 out of 139 coming 7th out of 9. On Tuesday night I went to the Yorkshire Bank quiz with Andrea, Karen and Louise from work and think we came 6th out of about 50 which was a pretty decent effort.

It's the last early morning grand prix of the season in China this morning hence the strange post time. I'm really tired at the moment mainly due to waking up during the middle of the night every night this week and my usual taking ages to get to sleep. There's normally a reason for this but I can't put my finger on it this time.

I went out with Rob and Ann for another standard Friday night in Halifax. We did see Louise, her mum, and sister and Louise commented on how young I looked which is always nice in my quest for eternal youth.

Last night I went to the cinema with Kate to see Run Fatoy, Run which is directed by David Schimmer (Ross from Friends) and I would recommend seeing to anyone because it is a nice simple to understand British comedy.

Finally England produced a shock in the Rugby World Cup by knocking out Australia yesterday. France also produced a shock knocking out clear favourites New Zealand which means we actually have some chance of winning though they will be tough semi-final opposition next weekend.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Early Mornings

I've been tired recently. Starting work early after the quiz is never a good idea. The quiz by the way was not so good whilst tired. JJ and Caroline joined the three of us from the week before and reduced our score by two (though it was a harder quiz and not their fault)! Then I went to college which is always knackering. It was also Japanese Grand Prix weekend which meant a couple of 4:30 starts but I did go back to bed afterwards. I was glad to see Lewis Hamilton win though and cheating bastard Alonso crash!