Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tom & Lisa's Leaving Do & CASSH BBQ

A busy night it was on Friday. I'd been off work all day so I was out from 5:00 until whenever. We went to Head Of Steam for three hours then to Tokyo for the BBQ. There were enough people there to make it a success so thanks to those that turned up. It was nice to see old some old faces return too.

It all went well for me until about 12:45 then stuff happened which isn't really bloggable making this quite a dull post but if you want details just ask me by commenting and leaving contact details or Facebook, MSN, or e-mail me.

So what can I say to make this post remotely interesting? Here goes. I had 2 Stellas, 7 SIs and 2 Aftershocks (passing "The Aftershock Challenge" in the process). This was a lot but I felt fine until about 7am when I was quite sick and my hangover didn't go until about 4pm.

I should also give credit to my taxi driver who was a very nice guy explaining why what had happened happened. He said it's because some bouncers take steroids and it pumps them up and gives them the need for violence (there was no actual violence). He also said that I should not change from being the nice guy I am and one day I would get what I deserve for being nice. Maybe he's right and so I probably won't change my ways though I do feel I'm due some My Name Is Earl Style karma. Mr taxi driver got some in way of a bigger tip than normal and that was it. A good night overall but it would've been nice to be able to say bye to people.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tom Barber - A Tribute

Tom leaves work today and since he's entertained me over the last 33 months or so here's a little tribute.

Beer is one of his loves however things aren't how they used to be and burger and a pint at Head Of Steam at lunchtime never happens anymore. The social aspect has been dying recently hence time for the move.

As the second longest standing member of the audit department Thomas was always the one who somehow passed all his exams without having a clue what he was doing at work.

My email inbox will certainly be much emptier and my phone will ring less and hopefully I'll never hear the words "Marsh can you do this for me? I can't do it." again!

So it's a farewell to "The Lothario of Huddersfield Accounting" and good luck in Leeds!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Odd Quiz, More Shocks

I've not posted for a while as I haven't got a computer to myself at the moment and I've been lacking in inspiration. Work has been keeping me busy which is good and i've also signed up to start training again though in this respect i'm feeling a bit like a cat whose had seven of it's nine lives so maybe it's about time I passed something!

I went out in Huddersfield with Rob and Ann last Friday. I was late as I had to pick Phil up from Bradford as he'd been in Durham all week. That meant I felt I should start with a pint. Then Ann had some (semi)shock news for us so I had three more. I switched to SIs at this stage and had three of those and just successfully negotiated the steps at Livingstones when I met Lisa who I only seem to see when i'm really drunk and never rememeber what I say other than it was brief as I was leaving.

On Monday great things were expected as Bill was attending the quiz for the first time since New Years Day which was coincidentally the last time we won some money. However it was set by a different person from normal with the A-Z round being out of 25 as she forgot to do a J, the picture round being 20 models of old car (pre 1980's) with a mark each for make and model (9/40), the music round being classical pieces from adverts with a point each for the advert, the piece and the composer, and the general knowledge round being 19 one point questions and a 24 point question to finish. I think that led to us getting 79 out of 173 for 7th out of 10 but I was a bit bored by round 3! Anyway it was good to see Bill again and assuming there's no quick weddings beforehand I'll look forward to seeing him at Christmas.

I had a bad shock on Wednesday night and the funeral will be on Friday. Thanks to Tom and Steph for sorting my head out on Thursday.

Another shock, another beer as I was out on Thursday night with Kate (and her boyfriend Fish, friend Sean and his partner Gavin), Lucy (and her friend Becky), Shelley, Amanda, JJ and Caroline. I think that's everyone though I don't think Wetherspoons were too impressed at our furniture rearranging putting three tables together to fit us all on. Oh yeah I also saw Vicky briefly too which was nice. I only had a couple of pints folled by four SIs and lasted longer than anyone else working the following day but alas we didn't make it to Jaks with all the A Level results celebraters. We did go to The Plummet Line which is the only pub I haven't been in (that i'm aware of) in any guise at the top end of town.

I wasn't hungover for long on Friday morning but it was Joanna's leaving do in the evening so we went straight to HD One after work and had a couple more pints followed by several vodka and oranges. It's nice of people just to show their face at these things which a few people did and then the rest of us (being Jo, Sam, Chris N, Richard, Tom, Howard and me) stayed there til well past 10 o'clock and it was a good night.

Lucy and Dave came over to look at my house yesterday and to discuss my best man's speech which was exactly 14 months away. We came to the conclusion it needed planning and further investigation as although there are plenty stories, I may be limited on which ones I can use :-)

I'm supposed to be off work this week but I'm not as I'm . However I thought this might happen so I booked the week after off as backup so it's not too bad.

That's it - All caught up. I don't think i've ever done a post with as many mentions in before!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Best Of The Big Six Music Round 2007 - Toph

Last night Kate, JJ, Caroline and I performed below par including 4/20 in the theme round. We had a good music round but the poor teams around us also did. We were three behind three teams going into the final round but our (and Ed's and Kate's brother's) general knowledge (and internet) helped us to come 7th out of nine a whole five points ahead of last.

I've been listing the top songs from the music round in my opinion over the last 15 or so quizzes. This should give people an idea of what music I like but not what is generally played in the music round!

1. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
2. All That I Need - Boyzone
3. Colour Blind - Darius
4. Who Do You Think You Are? - The Spice Girls
5. The First, The Last, My Everything - Barry White
6. The One I Love - REM
7. A Little Respect - Erasure
8. Breakfast At Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
9. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
10. Man I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain
11. Old Before I Die - Robbie Williams
12. Dancing In The Moonlight - Toploader
13. A Town Called Malice - The Jam
14. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
15. This Love - Maroon 5

A bit of something for everyone (apart from hardcore dance, RnB, and garage fans) and even JJ may agree with a couple of my choices though the rest of his list would be completely different and somewhat more respectable I imagine. I'm happy with my choices though. Maybe I should suggest it be released... or not!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Rich And Famous

On a slightly smaller scale than last May but still worth writing about! As you'll have read in my last post (what you haven't?! Posts should always be read in the order they were written!) my laptop broke again. I took it in to PC World who said they'd repair or replace it. My dad then butted in with some legal mumbo jumbo demanding a full refund. I've never seen him be so scary before! They said they'd try and mend it and let me know. They did let me know and believe the motherboard was at fault and the laptop needed a complete rebuild and because "we don't want a fight we'll give you a full refund!" I can now go and buy myself a better one and I seem to have kept my free copy of Vista too... Oops!

A book was released last week called How To Win At Fantasy Footballand there's a whole five pages about me plus other snippets from the book adding up to about three more pages. It quotes me and shows my team and tactics from the 2006 glory days. Even to this day I look back and think to myself "What was I doing putting Brian McBride in?!" But it worked and it's brave decisions like that that got me to the top. As well as a lot of luck!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Laptop Back And Bust Again, Big News

JJ and Caroline shared some big news with Kate and I on Monday. We got 74 out of 136 for 7th out of ten. Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison is the penultimate selection of best music.

I got my laptop back again on Tuesday. It worked for a short while but now it keeps breaking so i'm going to have to be a pain in the arse customer tomorrow and demand something be done.

I've had my fun this week. It's been a happy week in general clouded by a generallyconfused and tired state. I'm not confused anymore as i now know why people are doing what they've been/they are doing. I like to know stuff and when I don't know things it confuses me but knowledge is power as they say. I've worked some things out for mysself and been told others so now i'm happy again. This is so not making any sense!