Sunday, February 25, 2007

Updates From The Past

Not much has been going on recently so I've had a look back and can update readers on a few things.

In March last year, I went to see The Feeling with Eppy. I tipped them for BRIT Award nominations 2007. Sure enough, they were nominated for the best single with Fill My Little World. The world beckons in 2007 for them.

In June I commented on prize money at Wimbledon. This week it was announced that women will be paid as much as men. Surely it's only a matter of time before we see men playing best of three set matches in grand slams now.

Just a couple of weeks or so after moving out of my parents house, my room is now empty and being redecorated. No turning back now.

Also in March last year I wrote about

I should also say well done to Sarah B and L for qualifying. Moragh qualified too. Adeel passed professional stage and loads of people passed AAT exams whose namdes will be mentioned when they pass the full thing.

Also in March last year I wrote about snooker tickets being in hgh demand. Well this year was not better. I spent 4 hours 15 minutes on the phone or online trying to get tickets. The phoneline kept cutting me off whenever I got through and the website didn't work as it wouldn't let me enter which card I wanted to pay with. Then it begin towrok once my first three choices were sold out. I did manage to get get on the second row of the world champion Graeme Dott's first round match so I suppose that's pretty good even if he is quite rubbish and slow.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Car, Quiz, Card, Catch Up

Ah a nice catchy title.

So, after my two nights out in a row it was a pretty quiet weekend after that. I collected my new car last Monday which is really good. World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb drives one which puts the street cred up a bit rather than looking like something the crazy frog may upgrade to if he ever got rid of his "beep beep" bike. I do still like Micras though and would recommend them to anyone. Not sure really how all my clever gadgets work yet but as some people know from a couple of posts on BlogEd it took a long while on the Micra.

Last week's quiz saw Kate, her mum, the love birds and myself get 81 out of 147 and come 4th out of 6. It got a bit long winded by the end, even more so than normal. Hmmm short paragraph so I may as well do this week's as well. The same three (+2) of us got 88 out of 141 coming 4th out of 7. This quiz was to be used as part of the CASSH dinner quiz i'm supposed to be writing but I got about 5 right all night and if it hadn't of been for Kate's mum we'd have got about 50. So instead I'm doing a different quiz, with a theme.

There were no Valentines Cards waiting for me last Wednesday. The moral of this year though is "A 0-0 draw is better than a 1-0 defeat." So that's that really. Caught up to last Friday, when I went to Kate's for a "mini party" with JJ and Caroline, Luke and Amanda, Shelley, Laura, and Kirsty. Amanda found out what my real name was which I felt she should really have known before. I doubt D from the last post knew my name as well. I wonder if anyone actually knows my name. Sometimes I feel they should but it's not like it matters as I like Chris, Toph, Marsh, or Marshy so... I'm not really sure where i'm going with this so I'll go to bed I think!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

BADCASS (Bradford) Dinner 2007

Last Friday (9th) was to be my 5th Bradford student dinner. I wonder how long I can keep up this student thing? Anyway, it's always a good chance to meet up with old mates from MGIWB and any other people who I may know.

Looking back to last year I had the same meal even though the venue was different this year being at The Midland Hotel rather than The Hilton.

It snowed outside but that didnn't seem to deter anyone. So who did I meet? Well, other than the usual, Not Nicola from last year was there but I didn't try and luck and if she was Rachel or Joanne or anything. I don't want a restraining order. During Come On Eileen (which seemed to get me quite active) there as a girl, we'll call her R to protect her identity. She was big and scary looking but luckily just after we'd got introduced last orders was called for so I slipped away for my final Smirnoff Ice of the night. I'm not sure why, but it was served in a glass.

Then there was another girl, D, during Angels. I knew her from my AAT days at FT around 5 years ago and she was well impressed that I remembered her name. Anyway, nothing really happened which is why it's appearing here. I then went with the 6 remaining MGIWB people for a curry but after walking round the city centre in the snow for half an hour I decided to get a taxi and call that the end of the night at just before 2am. Another good evening.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Spicy Chicken

Last Thursday, some work people went out with Dave and Andy to Nando's and then to pubs to celebrate the last 9 months or so. I had the least spiciest (sp?) chicken piece but it was still a little spicy for my liking. Quite nice though but not somewhere i'd choose to go again in a hurry. It got late and people went home but it was nice of people to at least attend and i'm sure it meant a lot to the person that mattered that everyone invited showed their face.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It took three hours for me and my dad to put my new chest of drawers together last night. We haven't even started on the drawers themselves yet. I seem to have had very little free time recently except the weekend which just seemed to fly by without me noticing. There's a lot to catch up on but so little time to write. I'm sure i'll find time soon.

It's Valentines Day again. I've not looked back in previous years to see what I wrote but it's probably pretty much the same. Maybe it's just because no-one knows my new address ;-) (i'll send an e-mail to those who I feel should know it when my laptop is in the mood for working). Anyway, still half the day to go!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

First Laptop Post

As the title suggests, this a the first post from my laptop and indeed the first from my new house. Connection speed is fast but we seem to be on a very temperamental wireless network which keeps disconnecting me. This is very annoying, especially when playing poker. Maybe it's to do with wall thickness or distance from the router but I think we'll just see how things progress as Phil has plans to make it better. I also have none of my old documents as the network isn't working between our computers yet. Hopefully these minor problems will be sorted soon.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Busy Life

Last Monday Kate, her mum and I were joined by JJ and Caroline at the quiz. We came 5th out of 6 with 87 out of 139. Yesterday the same five got 68 out of 141 scraping into 5th out of 6. I won the raffle yesterday as well which was some alcolhic irish whisky coffee or something. My dad will enjoy that. That's my third win of the year I think which is pretty good going.

I should be moving into my new house tonight. I was going to move in on Sunday but I bought a car instead which took a lot of time up. Hopefully our wireless connection will work and I will be able to use my laptop to it's full capabilities. I ordered my Windows Vista upgrade disk but they wouldn't accept my card so I'm sending a cheque to Holland and I'll receive that within 4-6 weeks which seems like a long time.

I might expand on some of the second paragraph in future posts, but time is short and now it's 1:29 so i'll be ending this one here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Parking Fees Rising

At the start of the year parking fees went up in Halifax (fill me in if you know how much it is now). Next week they rise 43% in Huddersfield to £4 per day. When I started work in Hudderfield just over 2 years ago it was £2 per day. So, councils need money and want to get cars off the road so they take this action. Perhaps they could see make sure that trains and buses are full to capacity at rush hour anyway so if more people want to use them, it would be uncomfortable and they'd probably just go back to their car anyway. Perhaps the solution is to build better roads and not go over budget in the future.

Another thing, where are you meant to get 20 pound coins from per week? Will new machines be intrduced that actually give change from notes? If everyone goes to the newsagent downstairs with a fiver every day and buys a packet of crisps, he's not going to be happy at having to go to the bank for more pound coins a few times a day. Ah we could go to banks who may happily change our money if they can be bothered. That would mean queueing for 15 mins on a lunchtime though.

The best solution i've heard so far, which i'm going to share as i'm here to help, is to go to the amusements, put a £20 note in the change machine and there is your parking money for the week. No queue, no buying crisps from grumpy newsagents and not a lot of hassle.

On the other hand you could just park for free out of town and walk, but that would mean walking. What's the point in having a car if you have to walk?!